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Toya Bush Harris House, Age, Net Worth, Weight Loss

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Toya Bush-Harris is a known celebrity in American reality television. The reality television show entitled Married To Medicine catapulted the former doctor’s wife to fame. The show follows seven women from Atlanta who are married to doctors or medical practitioners themselves.

Who Is Toya Bush-Harris?

Toya Bush-Harris is a native of Detroit, Michigan. In college, she attended Tennessee State University. Later on, she decided to transfer to the University of Phoenix, where she completed her college degree. After getting her diploma, Toya began working as a pharmaceutical representative at a pharmaceutical company in her hometown Detroit.

Throughout her career, she has represented more than 500 pharmaceutical companies. In 2013, the makers of Married To Medicine invited her to become part of the show since she is the wife of a renowned doctor and a successful career woman on her own. At present, the television star is working at a medical concierge company called Nomad MD. In addition, Toya is also a writer of children’s books. Her first published book is entitled Sleepyhead Please Go To Bed. It is an inspirational book that both parents and kids can enjoy.

Toya Bush Harris with her husband, Eugene Harris
Toya Bush-Harris with her husband, Eugene Harris

Toya Bush-Harris Net Worth

The net worth of Toya Bush-Harris for 2021 is estimated at $4 million. Her work as a representative of a pharmaceutical firm is the main source of her monetary income. In addition, her salary as a reality television personality has contributed a substantial amount to her net worth. Her show Married To Medicine is one of the most-watched shows on the Bravo channel.

Weight Loss

Toya Bush-Harris was a bit on the heavy side when she joined the cast of Married To Medicine. Just this year, fans of the show have noticed an immense change in the reality star’s weight. She is now a lot slimmer than when she first appeared on the reality show. The reality star credits her weight loss to tennis. She spends hours on the tennis court.

It is a win-win situation because she gets to enjoy playing and lose weight at the same time. Even if she has a hectic schedule, she makes it a point to hit the court before she begins her day. Regular exercise is also another for her weight loss. Toya spends hours each day working out. In addition, the reality star also sticks to healthy food choices. The doting wife has also recruited her husband in her weight loss journey. The couple is looking a lot slimmer and healthier this 2021.

Toya Bush Harris Weight Loss
Toya Bush-Harris Weight Loss

Husband And Kids

Toya is the wife of Dr. Eugene Harris III, who is a renowned emergency physician. They met when Dr. Eugene was still a medical resident, and she was working as a pharmaceutical representative. The couple dated for two years before Eugene asked Toya to become his wife.

On June 20, 2008, Eugene and Toya became husband and wife. The couple has two kids named Avery and Ashton. There would have been three Harris kids, but sadly Toya suffered a miscarriage.

Toya Bush Harris with her husband and kids
Toya Bush-Harris with her husband, Eugene Harris, and kids

Toya Bush-Harris Age

The birthdate of Toya Bush-Harris is April 15, 1976. As of 2021, the reality television star is 45 years old.


Toya and Eugene live in a 9,000 square foot home that they purchased in 2019. They bought the house at $2.07 million two years ago. After purchasing the home, they hired contractors to remodel the interior of the massive home according to their design. The couple was very particular about every detail of the design since they were building their dream home. The Harris mansion has a two-story-high entryway and a 25-feet high fireplace. It has a professional kitchen and a wine cellar. Toya and Eugene’s bedroom has an impressive view of the golf course.

In addition, Toya has an impressive two-level dressing room with chandeliers on each floor. Other features of the mansion include a gaming room, entertainment area, and an outdoor pool. However, the couple decided to sell their home for $3.5 million this 2021.

Toya Bush Harris House, Age, Net Worth