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Troy Landry Net Worth, Wife, Children, Back Surgery: 12 Facts

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What does it mean to become brave? Our thoughts are often pooled with various answers when thinking about this question. True enough, bravery is one of those words whose definition is indefinite, vague, and quite frankly has different faces.

In the case of Troy Landry, his version of courage and bravery fronts a seemingly odd one. Landry is an American TV star known for his title as a professional alligator.

Many years ago, people would not have believed us if we said there was actually a career out of facing these terrifying ‘gators. One can say that he is indeed fearless to be able to face the danger brought by these creatures, to be able to look at danger straight in the eye.

Bringing with him his title and having been in the industry, it is no wonder that he was able to put his name on the crest of fame and earned a lot of fortune doing this. These achievements are all because of his reality TV show, Swamp People. Landry’s version of courage and odd profession made the TV series one of the History Channel’s best shows.

Apart from being a daredevil as we have seen him on-screen, this fearless gentleman also has a story that might be unknown to the public – his life right after the clapperboard hits “Cut!”. At this point, we will dig further into what’s not known on-screen about Troy Landry, like his net worth, wife, children, and surgery.

Net Worth

With his striving career as a renowned TV personality, the hotshot star sure has made a vast fortune from his career and has bagged a handsome net worth for himself. According to a credible source, Landry may have been earning a salary of $25,000 per episode from the show. With this considerable amount of money, one can say that he is already living his dream.

This American reality star has already carved a title for himself as the King of Swamp. Some sources claimed that he already has a net worth of over $2 million. In a few more years, given his spotlight in the industry now, he would surely end up being a whole lot more in net worth.

Swamp People Cast, Troy Landry
Swamp People Cast, Troy Landry

Troy Landry Wife

Behind the camera’s lenses, Landry is also a brave husband and a father who stands for his family. The famed actor is already blissfully tied the knot to his beloved wife, Bernita Landry. They tied the knot and exchanged their vows on September 26, 1981. Indeed, having been blessed with a beautiful wife, Troy is one lucky man. His marriage is one of his most prized possessions.

Troy Landry with his Wife, Bernita Landry
Troy Landry and his Wife, Bernita Landry

Their Children

Along with Troy’s victories in his career, he was also blessed with three sons with his wife, Bernita – Jacob Adam Landry, Chase Landry, and Brandon Landry. What’s interesting to know is that his son, Jacob, is actually the assistant director and an actor of the show while all the remaining of the Troy sons are also part of the team. Now would it be nice to bond with your family all the while making a fortune and building your career? Ask Landry about that; he knows.


Troy Landry along with his three Sons
Troy Landry, along with his three Sons, Jacob, Chase, and Brandon


Together with his team’s power, Troy Landry’s boldness had gained immeasurable success evident when they became the center of attention of the History Channel’s show Swamp People. Without a single doubt, they were well-deserving to earn popularity worldwide in 2014, which had aired more than five seasons.

Akin enough to his fearless persona on screen, this renowned star loves to eat alligator’s meat and turtle soup. Indeed, his career is not only about merely earning money but is also about just him living his life.

Apart from his life on the show, Troy also has a favorite pastime, oddly enough, cutting trees. Oh, come on, you too have some weird hobbies, right? 

Troy Landry had to deal with his son’s Death Rumor.

Brandon, one of Troy’s sons, has recently been subject to controversy over the internet. It has been stated that the son of Troy Landry has already crossed the bridge of his death. Having this news aired, fans and supporters were understandably saddened – dubious even. This news made rounds for quite a time, and everyone was surprised. Expectedly, this created various speculations about the real deal of Brandon’s existence. What fuelled this rumor was Brandon’s absence from the show since 2014, after knowing that he only completed 14 episodes.

Troy Landry with his son, Brandon
Troy Landry with his son, Brandon Landry

Well, to quench your thirst for this talk, we will tell you a little secret. Brandon is very much alive and still kicking. After separating from his ex-wife, he is doing great while lovingly marrying his partner, Sheli Lynn Pavlick. But his former love story was blessed with two beautiful daughters, Rayne and Miley.

Troy Landry Age

The King of Swamp is currently 58 years of age, born in 1960, and has a zodiac sign of Gemini.


This renowned Swamp King was born in Louisiana, a southeastern U.S. state on the Gulf of Mexico. 


He is an American by nationality and white as his ethnicity.

Height and Weight

The reality TV star has a height of 5’7″ and a weight of 88kg. It’s pretty hard to think that he faces the alligator without hesitation. I mean, the man isn’t even half as heavy as an adult alligator.

Image of famous American star, Troy Landry
Troy Landry

Early life

This bold and valiant man, Troy Landry, was born with parents Duffy and Myrtle. Both of them also had a fair share of appearances on the show Swamp People. Along with his existence, he used to be with his other two siblings – Guy and Bubba. As a child, Troy was born in a family where hunting is one of the primary sources of food and income. Through this, he earned the ability to hunt at a young age, and then on, it is only natural for him to continue their family business.

Louisiana, where they were born and raised, is the same place where their career started to take off. Indeed, like an alligator hunter, their profession can make people have second thoughts. The History channel discovered them in 2010. Troy, with his family, was contacted, and eventually, the network made them the stars of their show entitled Swamp People. From there, his career took a massive u-turn as fame and wealth followed him. 


Troy Landry is known for his famous title King of Swamp. He is a renowned alligator hunter, but his fame arose even more in the famous reality show Swamp People. Currently, the fearless man is already in his retirement age. But he is still bold enough to continue what he started and ready to embrace all the challenges he might face along the way.

Indeed, he is one man who deserves the description of what bravery is. Today and in the years ahead, his name will forever mark the entertainment industry as someone whose profession and aptitudes are worthy of appreciation.

King of Swamp, Troy Landry
King of Swamp, Troy Landry

Troy Landry Back Surgery.

On November 2o21, our favorite gator hunter Troy Landry had to go back to surgery due to a disc bulge in his spines. A day after the surgery, Troy updates his fans that his pain was gone, and now he is healthy and ready for the new season.

True enough, fortune favors the brave, and Troy Landry is the lionhearted man who will testify that braveness is more than just the word itself. 

12 facts about Troy Landry, Troy Landry Net Worth, Wife, Children, Back Surgery