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Tyler McLaughlin’s Sister Marissa Mclaughlin from “Wicked Tuna” wiki, Bio, Facts.

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Marissa McLaughlin is an American reality television star and water vessel captain. McLaughlin rose to fame after been featured in the National Geographic show, Wicked Tuna. She is the sister to Tyler McLaughlin, the operator of the Pin Wheel vessel.

Her brother relies on her to help run their fishing operation, and you can bet that she is up to the task. After losing his first mate and best friend due to decompression sickness, Tyler brought in Marissa to take the place of the fallen sailor. Take out your fishing rods, and let’s take to the Atlantic to meet Marissa. 

Her brother.

As aforementioned, Marissa is Tyler McLaughlin’s sister. The duo started working together when Tyler’s first mate, Nicolas Fudge, aka Duffy, passed away from The Bends. The Bends is a condition caused when a diver rapidly ascents from the deep sea leading to the formation of bubbles from dissolved gases. The condition is not as fatal as it used to be thanks to research and modern technology.

However, few unlucky sailors can suffer severe symptoms or death due to the condition. The incident put a black mark on July 2018 calendar for Tyler and Duffy’s beloved. When the unfortunate incident happened, Tyler had to look for a replacement on deck. And who better than his sister.

Image of Marissa McLaughlin with her brother Tyler McLaughlin
Caption: Marissa McLaughlin with her brother Tyler McLaughlin

So, from season 8 of the hit reality show, fans started seeing Marissa in action. Tyler revealed that his sister could navigate pretty well and read radar maps too. Thanks to her, the boat has an extra pair of hands to captain the boat if Tyler is busy with Tuna fishing.

Bluefin Tuna are not the easiest of fish to catch. But they are worth every bead of sweat and blister. The giant fish fetch a high price due to their limited supply and their high demand. A pound of the fish can fetch about $40 and can easily sell for $200 per pound, depending on the season.

The highest price paid for a pound of Bluefin Tuna is $5,000. Tyler and his crew know how much money there is to make, and that’s why they keep braving the dangerous waters. Marissa’s brother continues to honor his best friend to date, and he even has a ritual of fishing on the spot that his first mate lost his life.

Thanks to his lucrative career, Tyler is estimated to be worth about $400,000. His income comes from selling high prized fish and also from the salary of doing the Wicked Tuna show.

Tyler McLaughlin’s sister Marissa Mclaughlin’s fishing career.

Marissa Mclaughlin is far from just being a pretty face. This dirty blonde beauty has earned her captain title. Yes, she may not have a wooden leg and an eyepatch, but she is no less competent than any other captain in her level. With her help, the Pin Wheel vessel has caught some of its biggest Tuna ever. Marissa is not shy to show off her giant catches on her social media.

Image of Fisherwomen, Marissa McLaughlin
Caption: Fisherwomen, Marissa McLaughlin

In one of her photos on Instagram, Marissa can be seen seated on a giant Bluefin Tuna fish on the deck of the Pin Wheel. She may have smelled a bit or a lot fishy from her pose, but she sure as hell does look good. Marissa has proved that she has great sea legs. Her presence on the Pin Wheel has also increased the show’s ratings. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy seeing a blonde beauty at the helm of a Giant Bluefin Tuna fishing vessel?

Tyler McLaughlin’s sister Marissa has a United States Coast Guard 100 Ton Master Captain license, and boy, does she put it to good use. She’s not a one-trick pony, though. When an extra pair of hands is needed to reel in the Tuna, she is up to the task.

Marissa McLaughlin and her brother caught one of the most massive Bluefin Tuna ever recorded. The giant tipped the scales at 800 lbs. You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Just check out the data from the Large Pelagics Research Center dated 3rd August 2019.

Marissa Mclaughlin’s Social Media.

Mclaughlin is an active social media user. Her Instagram handle is @pinwheelmrm. She has a big following on the site, amounting to 20.4K followers. From her Instagram, we can see that Marissa enjoys her life. Whether she is reeling in a giant Tuna or sitting on one, she is sure to have a big smile on her face.

When not at sea, Marissa McLaughlin likes to hang out with her friends and family. She especially looked beautiful on her best friend’s wedding day. She was sporting a beautiful sequenced black laced gown.

When not fighting the waves of the Atlantic, Mclaughlin also likes to attend music concerts. She loves music. Just check out the picture of a red guitar she posted in January of 2017. However, her most impressive photos are still the ones when she is posing next to giant Bluefin Tuna that look like they could easily swallow her. Of course, if they were alive, though.

Marissa Mclaughlin’s Age and D.O.B.

Mclaughlin was born on April 17th, 1990, in Rye Beach, New Hampshire United States. The Wicked Tuna cast is 30 years old in 2020. Marissa is an Aries Zodiac. Aries people are known for being optimists and for loving fun.

Marissa Mclaughlin Wikipedia facts.

Full name Marissa Mclaughlin
Age 30
Date of Birth April 17th, 1990
Place of Birth Rye Beach, New Hampshire United States
Profession Reality television star, boat captain, fisherwoman
Net worth Under review
Partner Unknown
Kids 0
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Aries
Parents Unnamed
Image of Tyler McLaughlin's Sister Marissa Mclaughlin from "wicked Tuna" wiki, Bio, Facts.