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Unsellable House cast Lyndsay Lamb Wikipedia: Age, Husband

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Lyndsay Lamb is a property agent and a TV reality host, hugely recognized for featuring in HGTV’s hit series, The Unsellable House. She appears in the show together with her twin sister, Leslie. This article will guide you more about the Unsellable House cast, Lyndsay Lamb, especially her age and if she’s married.

Real Name Lyndsay Lamb
Profession Real estate agent, designer, and program host
Company Lamb & Co.
Date of Birth April 4, 1981
Sister Leslie Davis
Husband Justine Lamb

Lyndsay Lamb Wikipedia

Unsellable house cast Lyndsay established the Lamb & Co. Real Estate. It was 2009 when the vision of building her own business came true. Her twin sister, Leslie, was not involved initially, but she had to help Lyndsay when she needed to look after her son first.

Lyndsay liked to lend a hand to her clients to hunt out their ideal houses. Her firm thrives immediately, and to some degree, becomes a sensation. 

One thing resulted in another; thus, real estate stumbled across innovation in Unsellable Houses, an HGTV show.

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Lyndsay Lamb as Unsellable House cast

Lyndsay Lamb, alongside Leslie Davis, her sister, stars in HGTV’s ‘Unsellable Houses’ show. After the sisters uploaded a silly video on their YouTube, High Noon Entertainment had taken an interest in them.

The production firm proposed to them, and together, they presented a program to HGTV. HGTV took and produced their pitch and titled it Unsellable Houses, where the show just ended its second season, and its third is expected this 2022.

When asked why the twins agreed to the series, they stated that they’re fond of helping people. 

On the show, Lyndsay and Leslie are entailed with marketing homes within  Seattle that have been defined as unsellable by marketing specialists.

They accept residences that are not exploiting their capacity fully. After expecting neighboring comparables, the twin takes the appropriate, dynamic remodelings that transform these dislikable homes into high-end properties and sell at megabucks. 

Lyndsay Lamb with her twins sister, Leslie Davis
Lyndsay Lamb with her twin sister, Leslie Davis

When inquired about the start of their renovating journey, Lindsay revealed during an interview that they had clients that didn’t have an idea or couldn’t check over the renovation of their houses themselves.

Hence, they decided to carry the task from their team’s pocket. And they started by receiving the compensation throughout the deals process and gradually dividing the extra profit with them. 

And with the current pandemic, Lindsay and Leslie, and the team were operating up and running, albeit working from their homes. 

Lyndsay Lamb Age

Lyndsay Lamb is currently 40 years old and is turning 41 this April. She was born on the 4th of April 1981. She has the zodiac sign of Aries.

Husband and Kids

For over two decades, the Unsellable House host has been happily wedded to her high school sweethearts, Justin Lamb. The two tied the knot in May 2002. 

Lyndsay Lamb looking happy with her Husband, Justin Lamb
Lyndsay Lamb looking happy with her husband, Justin Lamb

Lyndsay and Justin grew up within the same district of Washington, became friends during their high school years, and have been romantically involved since then. 

They share a son named Miles, and she spends her leave from work bonding and hanging out with her family, with their dog, Remo.

Lyndsay Lamb and her son, Miles lamb
Lyndsay Lamb and her handsome son, Miles lamb
Unsellable House cast Lyndsay Lamb Wikipedia, Age, Husband