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Voddie Baucham: Wikipedia, Net Worth, Family, Wife, and Bio Facts

Voddie Baucham is an American pastor, author, voice author, and educator. He currently lives in Zambia, where he serves as the Dean of Theology at Lusaka’s African Christian University. Read this to know Voddie Baucham’s Net Worth and wife in Wikipedia-type biography.

Los Angeles-native Voddie Baucham was not born into Christianity; instead, he consciously adopted it when he became an adult. After receiving his doctorate in ministry, Baucham sought to run his own ministry, subsequently founding Voddie Baucham Ministries in 1993.

Voddie Baucham Wikipedia.

Furthermore, Baucham also served a pastoral position at Southern Baptist Convention’s local congregation, Grace Family Baptist Church in Spring, Texas. He is one of the modern figureheads of the Southern Baptist Convention and serves on its board of directors.

In 2015, Baucham packed up his life and moved to Zambia with his wife and children in tow. He received his next mission: to spread the word of God in the continent of Africa. At least, that was what he believed when he became the Dean of Theology at Lusaka, Zambia’s African Christian University.

He serves in that capacity to this day, although recently, he moved back to the States when he suffered heart failure. Voddie Baucham is a prolific author. To date, he has authored seven books.

He published his first book, “The Ever-Loving Truth: Can Faith Thrive in a Post-Christian Culture?” in 2004. Furthermore, his most recent book, “Fault Lines: The Social Justice Movement and Evangelicalism’s Looming Catastrophe,” was released in 2021.

A key theme it tackled was the social justice movement. His writings typically deal with matters relating to race, gender, politics, culture, religion, and faith.

Besides that, Baucham is also a voice actor. He narrated the 2010 video documentary “George Washington Carver: An Uncommon Way” and the 2017 documentary “Genesis: Paradise Lost.” In addition to that, he has contributed to documentaries like “American Gospel: Christ Crucified” and “The Church: Pillar and Ground of the Truth.”

Bridget Baucham looking happy with her husband, Voddie Baucham
Voddie Baucham and his wife, Bridget Baucham

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Net Worth and Income

According to various reports, Voddie Baucham is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million as of July 2021. It stems from him being one of the leading Christian voices in the world today.

Baucham previously ministered at Voddie Baucham Ministries and was a pastor at Grace Family Baptist Church. Currently, however, he is faculty at Zambia’s African Christian University.

Baucham’s wealth comes from a variety of sources. Besides his salary as the Dean of Theology, Baucham accepts bookings as a sermon leader and public speaker. Furthermore, he also makes bank from his book sales.

To date, Baucham has authored seven books, all of which have no doubt sold hundreds of thousands of copies. Other sources of revenue include, but are not limited to, media appearances, donations, social media earnings, etc.

Voddie Baucham is Married to Bridget Baucham. His Children and Daughter

Voddie Baucham’s biggest supporter is Bridget Baucham, his wife of 32 years. They tied the knot on June 30, 1989, and recently celebrated their 32nd year together.

Contraception is illegal in the Bible. Hence, it is no surprise that Voddie and Bridget have nine children together. They are: Jasmine Baucham, Trey Baucham, Voddie Baucham III, Elijah Baucham, Asher Baucham, Judah Baucham, Micah Baucham, Safya Baucham, Amos Baucham, and Simeon Baucham.

Her oldest, Jasmine, now Jasmine Holmes, is a wife and mother. She recently published her book, “Mother and Son.”

Voddie insisted on homeschooling all of his children, saying that he was against Christians sending their children to public schools for fear of getting indoctrinated.

Moreover, he currently resides in Zambia with his family, having moved there in 2015 when he landed a faculty position at African Christian University.

Fans and detractors of Baucham have criticized him for his radical views on raising children. Not only does he frown at the idea of public education, but Baucham also believes in corporal punishment to discipline children.

Some sources even claim that he believes in a more sinister doctrine: punishing infants if they misbehave. Furthermore, Baucham also subscribes to the idea of a “stay-at-home daughter.”

Baucham’s hardcore religion-based ideologies have landed him in hot waters several times.

Voddie Baucham with his wife and children
An American pastor, Voddie Baucham Voddie Baucham, with his wife, Bridget Baucham, and children

Age, Parents, and Early life

Voddie Baucham was born Voddie T. Baucham, Jr. on March 11, 1969, to African-American parents. He was raised in Los Angeles, California, in a not-particularly religious single-parent household. He would only discover Christianity as an adult and convert at the age of 18.

Voddie was a collegiate football player and played tight end at New Mexico State University. He ended up transferring to Rice University in Houston, Texas, for the same.

However, when Baucham had his religious awakening in 1987, he abandoned his dreams of becoming a professional football player and enrolled at Houston Baptist University. At Houston Baptist, Baucham was a double major in Christianity and Sociology and earned his Bachelor of Arts degrees in both disciplines.

Subsequently, he earned his Master of Divinity from the eminent Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. Later, he completed a course for his doctorate in ministry from the institution.

Social Media Presence

Voddie Baucham reaches out to his millions of followers through his social media. He is huge on Facebook, with over 287k followers. Similarly, he boasts over 115k followers on his Instagram and 56.9k followers on Twitter. Furthermore, his sermons and talks on YouTube have garnered millions of views.

To speak of his reach in the world, one need look no further than when he became hospitalized at the Mayo Clinic in Florida with heart failure in February 2021. His followers sprang into action and started a GoFundMe campaign to bear his medical expenses. In a matter of days, the campaign raised over $1 million.

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