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Warrick Dunn Net worth, Wife, Siblings, Family and mother.

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Warrick Dunn is a retired all-American athlete who featured in the National Football League back in 1997. He is fondly remembered for his time with the Buccaneers. Warrick’s career playing football saw him collect quite a few awards. At one point, he was recognized as the Walter Payton NFL Personality of the Year. In this article, we are going to take a look at one of the best American footballers of all time, Warrick Dunn. Everything you need to know about the former American footballer. Who is Warrick Dunn’s wife? How much is Warrick Dunn Net Worth?

Who is Warrick Dunn?

Warrick De’Mon Dunn is a former American football star from New Orleans, Louisiana. Dunn went to Catholic high in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Back then, he used to play cornerback, running back and quarterback positions. Warrick was, for sure, a man of sports. Back in high school, he was also part of the men’s track team. His best run was when he ran a 100m—a record of 10.3 seconds.

After high school, Warrick went to Florida State University, where he played for the team. He played for the team all through three seasons. That showed what kind of guy Dunn was. He was determined to be the best player in his time, and his dream came to pass. The former American footballer is known by many.

In 1997 he was selected by Tampa Bay during the Draft. Warrick Dunn’s time there was so successful that he was again chosen to play for the Pro Bowl Team. The American athlete was also named Rookie of the year.

With over 1000 rushing and receiving yards, he is recognized as one of the best running backs to have graced the league. It is made even more evident by the fact that he had a total of 49 touchdowns and rushing yards of 10,967.

Image of Former Football player, Warrick Dunn
Caption: Former Football player, Warrick Dunn

Warrick Dunn decided to give back to the community after he and his family were supported back when their mother passed away. Now, the former footballer started his charity, Dunn’s charity. He began helping single moms found homes back in 1997. Unknown sources say that he has already donated 173 homes to the single moms in need. Dunn was indeed an angel sent from heaven. He still has a love for sports and football. When you take a look at his Instagram, his posts are mostly in football games or his charity works.

It appears the former footballer still has many fans. His Instagram handle is @warrickdunn. He has over 30.7k followers.

Is Warrick Dunn married?

Though the former American footballer used to be famous back in time, his current life is entirely private, for it is not known whether he has a wife or kids. But we have a strong reason to believe that Warrick Dunn is not married to wife and single. In one recent Instagram post you can see Warrick and his 5 siblings paying respect to their mother’s grave but you don’t see anyone with Warrick. That might not be enough evidence, but it’s at least something to point that he is single.

Warrick Dunn Net worth.

Football was his main source of income. Seeing how successful the former running back was, we could say he earned a pretty good amount in his playing days. Warrick Dunn’s net worth is estimated to be $13 million. The former football star uses his hard-earned money to give back to the community.

Image of Athlete, Warrick Dunn net worth
Caption: Athlete, Warrick Dunn net worth

Warrick Dunn Siblings.

The retired running back has five siblings. These are Summer Smothers, Derrick Green, Bricson Smothers, Samantha Smothers, and Travis Smothers. After Warrick lost his mother in 1993, he was left to care for his siblings. That must have been one of the reasons that lead to his hard work and success.

Image of Warrick Dunn with his siblings
Caption: Warrick Dunn with his siblings

Warrick Dunn’s mother.

Warrick’s mother, Betty Smoothers, was a police officer. She lost her life in January 7th, 1993, when she was shot dead one night by a gang of thieves. She had been escorting a businesswoman to the bank when the tragedy happened. The robbers were sent to jail. Years after, Warrick visited one of the killers and offered his forgiveness. This shows how kind-hearted the former footballer was.

Image of Warrick Dunn with his mother Betty Smoothers
Caption: Warrick Dunn with his mother, Betty Smoothers

Warrick Dunn Age and Wiki-bio.

Full name Warrick De’Mon Dunn
Age 45 years old
Date of Birth 5th January 1975
Place of Birth New Orleans, Louisiana
Profession Former Football player, Athlete
Net worth $13 million
Wife Under review
Children Under review
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Parents Betty Smoothers (mother)

 Warrick Dunn was born in 5th January 1975. He is currently 45 years of age and is 5ft 8. There’s no information about where he is married or not or if he has kids. Warrick has been through ups and downs,s and his childhood life had not been that easy since they came from a low-income family. After he and his siblings lost their mother, it was up to them to fend for themselves since their father was never in the picture.

His Zodiac sign Capricorn reflects his character as determined and easily overcomes obstacles. Dunn did not let the loss of his mother end his career. Instead, he became a better man and a better player.