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Wenwen Han Now: What Is She Doing? Her Age, Surgery, Net Worth

Wenwen Han is a Chinese actress, dancer, and violinist. She became an international sensation after portraying Meiying in the 2010 remake of “The Karate Kid,” starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan.

Please read this article to explore more about Wenwen’s personal life regarding her age, surgery, and net worth. What is she doing now?

Wenwen Han from “The Karate Kid”

Wenwen Han is most known for her portrayal of Meiying in the 2010 remake of “The Karate Kid.” Based on the eponymous 1984 movie, the remade 2010 movie follows a similar plot as the original film.

The Karate Kid” stars Jaden Smith as Dre Parker, an American teenager who moves with his mother to China, and Jackie Chan and Mr. Han, a Chinese widower and martial arts expert. When Dre gets bullied by the local kids, Mr. Han takes him under his wing and teaches him martial arts for self-defense. Wenwen Han stars in the movie as Meiying, the on-screen love interest of Jaden Smith’s character.

Han was in her teen years when she was cast in the film. “The Karate Kid” went on to become a box-office hit, grossing $130.4 million internationally. As one of the film’s central characters, Wenwen became one of the most recognized 15-year-olds in the world. Her career peaked on “The Karate Kid,” and she has never ascended such heights since then.

Where is Wenwen Han Now?

In contrast to the heights she ascended in the 2010s, Wenwen Han currently leads a quiet life. She does not do much acting or dancing outside of intermittent roles. Her most recent film appearance was as VIP Female in the 2018 action-drama “Ink & Rain.” Furthermore, she also had a cameo appearance in the Chinese drama series “Hai Mei Ai Gou” in 2020.

Outside of her professional life, Wenwen Han’s personal life is like a closed book. She had an official Instagram account which is currently deactivated. Hence, it is hard to speculate on her private life.

Who is Wenwen Han’s Husband?

Fans of “The Karate Kid” will be shocked to learn that the sweet girl from the movie, Meiying, is now a missus. Indeed, Wenwen Han got hitched in July 2016.

Her husband is the Taiwanese-born singer-actor-composer Ken Chu, most famous as a member of the Taiwanese pop quartet “F4.” He also starred in the Taiwanese soap drama “Meteor Garden.”

Wenwen Han in wedding dress with her husband, Ken Chu
Wenwen Han and her husband, Ken Chu

Ken proposed to Han on her birthday and began an elaborate plan for their wedding. They legally registered their marriage at a courthouse in Ken’s hometown of Shenyang, Taiwan, and vacationed in Bali, Indonesia.

Age, Birthdate, and Height

Wenwen Han was born in Xi’an, in the province of Shaanxi, China, on August 24, 1995. At the time of this writing, Wenwen is 25 years old and will turn 26 in a matter of days.

Furthermore, she is officially billed at 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters).

Plastic Surgery

Wenwen Han has recently come under scrutiny for allegedly undergoing cosmetic procedures. Eagle-eyed fans who have followed the 25-year-old since the beginning of her career could see how her facial structures changed over the years.

While the changes could be attributed to puberty and aging, some people believe she went under the knife. Ms. Han has not publicly admitted or denied anything, fueling the rumors further.

Chinese actress, Wenwen Han
Chinese actress, Wenwen Han

Nonetheless, as it currently stands, any and all rumors of Wenwen Han undergoing cosmetic surgeries are purely speculative.

Net Worth and Income

According to some online sources, Wenwen Han has an estimated net worth of $2 million as of August 2021. Her claim to fame was the 2010 martial arts action film “The Karate Kid,” starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. The movie grossed $130.4 million at the worldwide box office against a $40 million budget.

Besides the two lead actors, Wenwen is perhaps the third highest-paid cast member of the movie. Besides “The Karate Kid,” Wenwen has been involved in a handful of domestic films and TV shows.

Wenwen Han from "The Karate Kid"