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Who is Guero10k? Is he still in Jail? The Birth Name and Net Worth

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Known by his stage name Guero10k, the young rapper has a massive fanbase in America. Though it has only been a few years since he gained recognition as a rapper, he has already been a part of more than one controversy and rumor. There has been a rumor that Gueko10k is in jail. Is it true or just a rumor?

The rapper has been in the limelight ever since the story started, and people are eager to know everything they can about the rapper. So, please keep reading to find out what Gueko10k’s real name is and whether or not he is in jail. Also, his net worth is revealed here.

Guero10k Wikipedia

The 20-year-old Guero10k is a rapper and a dancer based in the United States. Though his bio is yet to be featured on Wikipedia, many websites and internet portals have gathered brief information about life. It is not sure who his parents are, but we got to know that he was born and brought up in Dallas, Texas. Likewise, the 5 feet 4inch rapper completed his schooling at Justin f. Kimball High School.

Why was Guero10k Arrested? Rumors and Controversies

Various rumors are circulating about Guero10k being arrested. While many claim it to be accurate, some also state that it is just a rumor. So, to clarify things, we just said that the young rapper was arrested in reference to a shootout that happened a couple of years back—the shootout occurred in Huston on 27th December of the year 2019.

According to a source, the shootout began due to a clash between Cashout Ace and the 10K criminal street gang. The gunfire was reported during the shooting of Cashout Ace’s music video. When the police officers got on the site, they discovered two dead men, nine men shot, and other heavily hurt men.

Guero10k Rumors and Controversies

The case was under investigation, and on 1st September of 2021, the rapper was arrested when one of his friends involved in the crime stated Guero10k too to be connected with the crime. So, finally, the criminals involved in the shootout were charged with organized criminal activity and double murder.

What is his Real Name?

Born in 2001, Guero10k’s real name is Christian Cavazos Junior. The rapper celebrates his birthday on 15th February and is currently 20 years of age. Furthermore, as he is pretty private about his personal details, the information surrounding his parents and family is off the record.

His Girlfriend

Christian Cavazos, aka Guero10k’s girlfriend, is yet to be disclosed. There has been no evidence of the young rapper being in a romantic relationship. All his social media posts also suggest that him being a single guy at present. However, he has thousands of female fans following, and we hope he will find the love of his life soon.

Net Worth and Income

Though the information surrounding the rapper’s salary and net worth is kept behind the closed curtains, a source assumes his net worth to be in the range of $1.1k-17.2k. The primary income source of Gueko10k comes from his successful music and dance career. In addition to that, he also receives handsome money from collaboration and his YouTube channel.

Guero 10k receives handsome money fromYoutube Channel

Musical Career

Gueko10k has an accomplished career in the music and dance industry. Though he is now widely recognized for his awesome rap and hip-hop songs, he came into prominence for his dance. He is also the originator of ‘The Woah Dance.’ So, before exploring the rap world, Gueko10k promoted dance.

Meanwhile, he studied his interest in the music industry in 2018, and ever since, he has been getting lots of appreciation and support from his well-wishers. Some of the rapper’s popular songs include “Polo White T,” “Dip Swag Dip,” “Lost Myself,” to name a few. Apart from these, his album “10k” has got the most appreciation from the audience. His raps are readily available on most musical platforms including, Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, Deezer, and Apple Music.

Social Media Activities

As a public figure, the rapper has a huge social media presence. He joined Instagram in 2017 as @guero10k and, since then, has gathered 59.9k followers on his handle. He is mainly seen posting pictures and videos with his friends.

Likewise, on Twitter, he is available as @guero10k. There he has more than 1k people following his tweets. In addition to Twitter and Instagram, Guero10k started his own YouTube channel in 2019 at only 18 years. He has amassed 49.1k subscribers on his channel, and he mostly posts his raps on his channel.

Is Guero 10k still in Jail