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Willy McQuillian from “Mountain Monsters” Wife, Age, Wiki Bio

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In other countries, hunting has been a part of their hobby. However, when you acquire it as a skill, it could lead you to a more sustainable way of living and could even lead you to be a TV star. Willy McQuillian was one of the characters in Mountain Monsters. We will learn more about why he became famous throughout the show’s journey and why fans loved his role in the series.

We have prepared an article loaded with information about the American reality TV star Willy McQuillian. It includes his biography, age, income, and married life.

Who is Willy McQuillian? Wiki-Bio

Willy McQuillian became a part of the hit series “Mountain Monsters.” Hunting became Willy’s partner in life. He dedicated all of his time to hunting, which explains why he is so skilled in front of the camera. His ability to hunt in real life was shown on national television, and it is expected that he will be loved by watchers of the show because hunting is what he does in real life.

Ever since he was a child, hunting was what made him a person. Every time Willy hunts, it completes him, and he loves every second of it.


The Mountain Monsters star is said to be around 60 years old now.

Willy McQuillian Role in Mountain Monsters

The introduction of Willy’s character in the show starts with him being an expert trapper. He is also the co-founder of the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS) team. His main purpose in the show is to make creative traps that would give protection to his members. He does his traps pretty well since it is shown in the series that he is very creative when he makes them.

The good thing about his traps is that they serve a double purpose. At the same time, Willy’s traps could catch creatures, and at the same time, they also serve as an alternative source of food.

Willy McQuillian with William Neff in Mountain Monsters
Willy McQuillian with his colleague, William Neff in Mountain Monsters

Net Worth

It is impossible for cast members not to earn a lot of money while appearing in a show that is so popular. Several media outlets have claimed that the reality TV star has approximately $600,000 in net worth. Just like many other actors out there in the TV industry, he got all of his earnings through acting. There were also a few sponsorships that brought him small amounts of money that contributed to the total amount of his net worth.

Wife and Children

Many websites have stated that maybe hunters are just as experts at hiding their personal details and keeping a low-key life. Apparently, there is no known information about the dating history of Willy McQuillian. We do not know if he has a wife and kids.

Willy McQuillian Wife, Age, Wiki, Bio