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Wolf Blitzer Net Worth & Salary.

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Wolf Blitzer is a famous American journalist who has been in the game for over 3 decades and during his extensive career as a journalist and tv presenter, Wolf Blitzer has made himself quite a fortune.

Wolf Blitzer Net Worth and Salary.

Being a national-level journalist and anchor pays very well, especially when you are from first-world countries like the USA.

When Wolf first started his career as a journalist, he struggled but not anymore. Now tv channels are ready to pay him a seven-figure salary.

Image of CNN's anchor, Wolf Blitzer
Renowned CNN’s anchor, Wolf Blitzer

To be exact, CNN pays him a yearly salary of $5 million. With such a high salary and other business endeavors, Wolf Blitzer’s net worth is $20 million as of 2021.


After finishing his studies, he took a big leap and finally started his journalism career at the Tel Aviv bureau of Reuters and later moved to The Jerusalem Post where he made international headlines for his interview with American convicted spy Jonathan Pollard.

In 1990, Blitzer started his career with CNN as a military affairs correspondent. He started reporting from Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, North Korea, and Russia.

His career started further-reaching new heights from then on and he started covering the White House which eventually became a scaffold for him to become the network’s lead political anchor.

In the duration of his career, Blitzer interviewed numerous heads of state and even moderated both Democratic and Republican presidential debates.

With all his great contribution to the journalism world, it isn’t a surprise anymore to know that he has been awarded… are you ready for this?

The Emmy, Peabody, Edward R. Murrow, Golden ACE, 2003 Daniel Pearl, 2004 Journalist Pillar of Justice, Alfred DuPont, American Veterans Award, 2019 Great Immigrants Recipient Award, and a whole lot more.

I could go on with his awards, but it would take me quite a while to finish, believe me. He truly is something!

He continuously strives higher and higher in his career and it would be delightful to know too that this career-oriented successful man is also a happily married man living a quiet normal life in Maryland.

Imagine having the best of both worlds, he isn’t the man of the hour for just nothing.

Image of world renowned anchor, Wolf Blitzer