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Why Did Tee John(Salvage Hunters) Leave Salvage Hunters? Wife, Weight Loss

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Tee John is part of the reality show Salvage Hunters. Drew Pritchard hosts the show, and it airs on British television. It has been on the air since 2011. Salvage Hunters is about the host’s quest for antiques and collectibles to be resold for a profit after some restoration. At present, the show is now on its 15th season.

Fans are curious to know what happened to Tee John as he is no more on the show. Also, Know his wife, net worth, and weight-loss details through this eye-catching review.

Tee John On Salvage Hunters

Tee John first appeared on Salvage Hunters in its eighth season in 2016. He appeared on the season premiere episode as a guest. On the show, he appeared as the driver and best bud of the host Drew Pritchard. Their on-screen camaraderie and banter made that season one of the most popular seasons of the show. Fans of the show loved how Tee John and Drew bantered their way through some of the best deals on the show. It showed the real-life bond of the two best friends as they traveled all over the country in search of antiques.

Why Is Tee Not In Salvage Hunters Anymore? Why Did He Leave The Show?

Tee John appeared on Salvage Hunters for ten episodes of season eight in 2016. Those episodes were some of the most popular on the show. Fans loved watching the two best friends, Tee John and Drew Pritchard, traveling their way all over the country searching for antiques.

As soon as Drew sealed the deal, Tee hauled the treasures onto the van they traveled in. Even if their on-screen chemistry was very evident, Tee only stayed on the show for ten episodes. The executives of the show did not reveal the reason for his departure. It may be because he only appeared as a guest and was not signed in as a mainstay of the show. His contract may have stated that he appears on the show as a guest for a certain number of episodes.

John Tee and Drew Pritchard from Salvage Hunters
John Tee and Drew Pritchard

Tee John Salvage Hunters Wife

Tee John has kept his private life out of the limelight. There are no details if he has a wife or any kids. There have been articles on the internet stating that he is married to Rebecca Pritchard. But these seem to be just rumors. There are no facts to prove that these rumors are indeed true. The truth is that Rebecca Pritchard is the former wife of Drew Pritchard, the host of Salvage Hunters.

Weight Loss Journey

Tee John was on the heavy side when he first appeared on Salvage Hunters in 2016. It was revealed that Tee had a problem with his thyroid that contributed to his weight problem. After a few episodes, fans of the show were in awe of the star’s dramatic weight loss. It appears that Tee has had some health problems brought about by his excessive weight. It prompted him to embark on a weight loss journey.

Tee began eating healthy and avoided processed food. He also tried a dieting technique where he drank lots of water before his meals. This technique made him full, so he reduced his food intake during meals.

In addition, Tee made it a habit to exercise daily. He tried cycling, swimming, and jogging. In between, he followed an exercise regimen specifically made for him by a professional trainer. His healthy diet and constant physical activity have contributed to his dramatic weight loss.

Tee John before and after of Weight loss
Tee John before and after of Weight loss

Net Worth and Income Sources

Tee John has a net worth of $250,000 for 2021. Aside from being a reality television star, John Tee is also a business owner. However, there are no details about his business. These two endeavors have contributed substantially to his net worth through the years.

Tee John Salvage Hunters Leave Salvage Hunters