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Yohannes Abraham Wikipedia: His Wife, Age, and Bio-Facts

Yohannes Abraham is the first Ethiopian-American to contribute in the White House. To date, he has worked for two great Presidents of the United States, namely, Obama and Biden.

An avid learner of political science and a reputable member of the Democratic Party, Yohannes is an influential political figure in America. He is also a former resident at the Institute of Politics in Harvard Kennedy School.

Presently, Abraham serves in President Biden’s transition team. This article emphasizes the political contributions, family, net worth, and wiki facts of Yohannes Abraham.

Yohannes Abraham Wikipedia Biography

Yohannes Abraham is a man recognized for being the senior advisor of the Barack Obama Foundation. That’s some crazy portfolio right there! Yohannes was born in 1985 to patriotic parents who encouraged him to work for public service and the nation itself. In 2008, he became the first Ethiopian-American to work in the White House.

Yohannes attended Local Westminster school, completing his primary studies at the institution. After that, he went on to the Thomas Jefferson High School and studied science and technology.

Furthermore, Yohannes completed his Bachelors in Political Science from Yale University. After his graduation, he studied MBA at the reputed Harvard Business School. Before working as the executive director in Biden’s transition team, Yohannes was a Public Policy Lecturer at the Harvard Kennedy School.

There, he was also a residential fellow. It must be included here that Yohannes sent an invitation to his former teachers to share lunch at the White House. Being a humble, loyal, and patriotic man, he was one of Obama’s favorite Democrats.

The former President thought highly of him and hired him as one of the first staff members after a successful re-election campaign. Today, he shares his expertise with another Democratic President, Joe Biden.

Who is Yohannes Abraham Wife? Relationship Status

Yohannes Abraham is an influential figure in American politics. Having served under two great Presidents, Obama and Biden, he has made quite a reputation for himself. And since he is so successful in his pursuits in politics, many want to know about his personal life. So, does Yohannes Abraham have a wife?

The truth is, Yohannes is not married. Furthermore, he is also not involved with anyone at the moment. Yohannes is so immersed in his service for the nation that he hardly has time for dating.

How old is Yohannes Abraham? Birthday

As of 2021, Abraham is 36 years old. He was born in Jan 5, 1985. From an early age, his parents taught him to be a loyal and respectable citizen. And like Yohannes, they were also proud citizens of the United States.

Yohannes is Ethiopian-American by ethnicity, and his birth sign is Capricorn.

Net Worth and Income

As of 2021, Yohannes Abraham has a net worth of approximately $3 million. During Obama’s period in the white house, he was a crucial member of the President’s team. In 2009, he was a legislative assistant for Barack Obama and earned about $40k per year.

The figures went up considerably in 2013 and 2014 when Obama became the President. The house promoted him to the special assistant role to the President, and he made about $120,000 per year. According to our reports, Yohannes earning has exponentially increased since 2019, as he makes about $80k per year.

Yohannes Abraham and his networth
Yohannes Abraham, the executive director in the transition team of President Biden

Social Media Activities

Yohannes Abraham is a political campaigner. As a result, promoting his campaigns and visions is a must for him. Thus, he is active on Twitter since May 2010.

Yohannes speaks about the current political matters in his Twitter handle. Furthermore, he shares tweets of the Democratic Party and the messages from the office of the President.

Yohannes is also active in regard to race issues. He spoke up on the George Floyd Topic and supported the activists. His tweets show that he cares about the country’s black people and takes a stand whenever necessary.

Images of the executive director in the transition team of President Biden, Yohannes Abraham