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Young Jeezy Kids:(Jadarius, Shyheim, and Amra Nor Jenkins), Net Worth

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Being famous not only puts one person in the spotlight, but it also puts everyone associated with that person in the attention. Young Jeezy is an accomplished American rapper. And his success has brought all his family members to media attention.

As of now, the public is all curious to know about the rapper’s kids. Did his children Jadarius, Shyheim, and Amra NOr Jenkins follow in their father’s footsteps? So, here we have brought to you all the details surrounding his children. Continue reading to know the net worth in 2021.

Jeezy Wife and Children

Born and raised in Colombia of South Carolina, Young Jeezy is a 44 years old American rapper. He is a man of passion and romance and has married four beautiful partners to date. His first wife is Tenesha Dykes with whom he had her first child, Jadarius Jenkins. Jadarius is also a rapper just like his father and is also known as Lil’ Jezzy.

Jadarius is now earning his Bachelor’s degree, and for his birthday, Jeezy gave him a Wrangler Jeep. Jeezy also had another child, Shyheim Jenkins. According to reports, although it is unknown who his biological mother is, Tenesha Dykes is also stated as his mother. Jeezy had her third child, Amra Nor Jenkins, with her wife, Mahlet Gebregiorgis. According to reports, Mahlet has a strained connection with Jeezy. Recently, the rapper married Jeannie Mai and is expecting his fourth child with her.

Jadarius Jenkins and his Mother

According to the source, Jeezy has a kid named Jadarius, whom he shares with ex-wife Tenesha Dykes. Tenesha and Jadarrius have a strong relationship as a mother and son, and they are often seen enjoying one other’s company. Jeezy was detained in September 2012 after an incident with one of his sons, but it was unclear if it included Jadarius or Shyheim.

44 years old rapper allegedly pushed the child through a door and threatened to murder him. Jeezy surrendered to authorities and paid a $45,000 bail. According to People, Jadarius was involved in an altercation in Warner Robins, Georgia, in December 2018, resulting in a “severe” cut to his face. Jadarius allegedly received medical care for his injuries and appeared to have recovered completely.

Jadarius Jenkins with his father, Young Jezzy
Jadarius Jenkins with his father, Young Jeezy

Death Rumor of Jadarius Jenkins

Dyersburg Police are looking into two tragic, violent incidents that occurred within three hours of one other early Saturday, August 28. Officers were summoned to the Chequers pub in response to a stabbing. When they arrived, the police discovered four persons with stab wounds in the parking lot due to a brawl after they left the pub.

All four victims were taken to a neighboring medical institution in private automobiles. According to police, one of the victims, 22-year-old Jadarius Jenkins, died as a result of his injuries, while the other three sustained serious injuries, reported a piece of news portal. Their current circumstances are unclear.

Shyheim Jenkins Parents

Shyheim is Jeezy’s second kid, and he does not receive the same amount of attention as Jadarius. The facts regarding his mother are unclear; however, it has been reported that he has the same mother as Jadarius, Tenesha. Details regarding his personal life are rarely widely discussed in the media, and he is perceived to be a highly private and discreet guy.

Shyheim, Jeezy's second kid
Young Jeezy with his second son, Shyheim Jenkins

Daughter, Amra Nor Jenkins, and her Baby Mama

The American rapper is seen very much connected with his third child, Amra Nor Jenkins. She is his only daughter, and he is pretty attached to her. The lucky daughter was born in the year 2014. She is the daughter of Jeezy and Mahlet Gebregiorgis. Her mother is a famous musician and is widely known by the name Mahi.

Her mother does not have a good relationship with her father, so they are seen to avoid the spotlight together. The daughter acts as a connection and bridge between the parents. They were involved in a tumultuous custody fight for Amra, which was allegedly concluded with the rapper paying $7,500 in child support plus $30,000 for school tuition.

However, the ex-couple returned to court in 2020 when Mahi accused Jeezy of failing to pay his custody arrangement. According to sources, Jeezy disputed this and even accused Mahi of manipulating events out of “bitterness” about Jeezy’s relationship with Jeannie. The court case’s fate is presently uncertain.

Young Jeezy with his small daughter, Amara Nor Jenkins
Young Jeezy with his small daughter, Amra Nor Jenkins

Jay Wayne is expecting a fourth child with his partner, Jeannie Mai.

In the year 2021, Jeezy and Jeannie Mai married in their Atlanta house. As per reports, Jeannie and Jeezy planned to start a kid about a year ago, but they had difficulty conceiving. Their love grew stronger over the course of a year, and they are now expecting a child. She has been sharing her maternity photos over the media and is being blessed with lots of good wishes for her new baby.

Young Jeezy with his wife, Jeannie Mai
Young Jeezy with his wife, Jeannie Mai

Jeezy Net Worth and Income

Jeezy is a renowned rapper widely famous during the early and late 2000s. His work and dedication have rewarded him well, and his net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. Despite his popular success, Young Jeezy claims that he has never put fame and riches before his music.

According to Jeezy, his major focus was spreading his message and getting known in the streets, both of which he has achieved. As his income is not steady, it is hard to estimate his yearly income, but he is hugely seen to live a lavish and comfortable lifestyle.

Young Jeezy Kids