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Brenda Gantt Net Worth and Wikipedia: Her Age, Husband, Bio, and Facts

Brenda Gantt is a former schoolteacher, chef, and social media personality. She is most known for her cooking videos on Facebook and will release her first cookbook, “It’s Gonna Be Good, Y’all,” in late 2021.

In the spring of 2020, America — and the world — was in lockdown due to the pandemic. Brenda Gantt, who saw her own business being affected, uploaded a video about baking homemade biscuits to her Facebook page.

At the time, her page was frequented by her closest friends, but the particular video went viral. Within two weeks, the video had over a million views. She had people she had never heard of requesting videos about her home cooking. A phenomenon was thus born.

Brenda Gantt Wikipedia-Bio

With the help of her tech-savvy son-in-law, Brenda Gantt founded the Cooking with Brenda Gantt Facebook page. She continued uploading videos on the page and struck upon an audience in lockdown and looking for some sweet Southern home-cooking.

Her page currently has over 2.5 million followers, with a perfect 5-star rating from 6.3k reviews. But her cooking is not the only thing that made Brenda a social media sensation.

It is her Southern charm, her warmth, kindness, and her wit. Brenda is a devout Christian, but instead of driving her viewers away, her faith makes her all the more endearing. Catapulting off her Facebook fame, Brenda began an Instagram page and is nearing 190k followers.

Her first cookbook, titled “It’s Gonna Be Good, Y’all,” is set to drop later this year. The book features over a hundred recipes that made Brenda a worldwide sensation, including her homemade biscuits, tomato gravy, mac n’ cheese, chocolate fudge pie, etc.

Brenda Gantt Net Worth and Income Sources

Alabama’s favorite grandmother, Brenda Gantt, has an estimated net worth of $500,000. Now in her seventies, Brenda is more successful than she has ever been in her life.

After a Facebook cooking video made her a viral sensation, Gantt became an internet sensation. She currently boasts two and a half million followers on Facebook with millions of views on her videos.

Furthermore, she also became a local celebrity, and her family-owned B&B, The Cottle House Bed & Breakfast, sees people far and wide stopping by for her famous dishes.

Brenda is currently promoting her first cookbook, titled “It’s Gonna Be Good, Y’all,” which is available for pre-order starting at $34.95.

How old is Brenda Gantt? Her Age and Birthday

Brenda Gantt is in her mid-seventies at the time of this writing. She was a retired 74-year-old school teacher when she went viral in 2020.

Since then, Brenda has rarely slowed down, maintaining a solid social media presence while overseeing The Cottle House Bed & Breakfast.

Brenda Gantt’s Husband Died in 2018

Brenda Gantt was widowed in late 2018 when her husband of five decades, George Patton Gantt, passed away at the age of 72.

George was a native of Andalusia, Alabama, and held a business degree from Livingston University. He was conscripted into the US Marine Corps and honorably discharged.

Even after completing his term, George remained in law enforcement as an Alabama Beverage Control Board officer. After 25 years, he retired as the Chief and Director.

In his retirement, George operated the Hickory Ridge Lodge and Sweetgum Bottom Antiques. Furthermore, George and Brenda jointly ran The Cottle House Bed & Breakfast.

Besides that, George was a devout Christian and served as an educator at the Bethany Baptist Church for three decades. He died of natural causes on September 23, 2018, at his home in Andalusia, by his beloved wife. He was laid to rest at the Bethany Baptist Church.

Brenda Gantt with her late husband, George Patton
Social media personality, known for her cooking videos, Brenda Gantt with her late husband, George Patton

Children and Grandchildren

Brenda Gantt has two children with her late husband: son Dallas Gantt and daughter Hannah Gantt. Both of her children are adults with respective families.

Dallas Gantt is in law enforcement like his father before him and serves as an officer for the Tuscaloosa Police Department. He married fellow officer Anna Gantt and has two children with her: daughter Isabella Gantt and son William Gantt.

Similarly, Hannah Gantt is married to Walt Merrell, an Alabama District Attorney. They have three daughters: Bay Merrell, Cape Merrell, and Banks Merrell.

Images of an American former schoolteacher, Brenda Gantt