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Dr Michelle Oakley Biography and Facts You Should Know.

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Michelle Oakley is an American Canadian Veterinarian and a TV Actor. She made her debut on her show, Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet, which airs on Nat Geo Wild Channel. The Show takes us through Dr. Michelle’s journey as she makes house calls in the North of Canada and Alaska. We are going to be looking more into Michelle Oakley’s life.

Her early life, career, Age, net worth, and family. Who is Dr. Michelle married to, and how many children does she have? Continue reading to find out more details on Dr. Oakley and her family.

Michelle Oakley Education.

Dr. Oakley went to Munster high school and graduated in 1987. Growing up, Michelle had always been interested in animals. During summer, she would always spend time at her uncle’s dairy farm in Indiana. At the age of 11, Michelle met her idol, Jane Goodall. She is an English Primatologist and an Anthropologist. Michelle always loved to watch her on TV and admired her interest in caring for animals.

After graduating from high school, Michelle went to The University of Michigan and majored in Zoology. While she was still a student there, she joined a wildlife study in Yukon. After Michelle completed her studies there, she later joined the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada. That is where she obtained a Veterinarian Doctor’s Degree. Michelle eventually fell in love with Yukon. To be more specific, she was intrigued by the wildlife there.

Michelle Oakley’s Wikipedia Info.

Michelle Oakley had already begun her career as a Veterinarian. However, she gained more fame after she was given her show. On 4th April 2014, the show, Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet was premiered on Nat Geo Wild Network. Rich Confalone and Kip Prestholdt produced it. Currently, it has a total of eight seasons so far.

The show is filmed in Haines, Alaska, and Haines Junction in Yukon. Michelle Oakley stars alongside her husband and daughters. Though they only appear once in a while. She has her animal clinic in a village in Yukon, where she is the only veterinarian. Dr. Michelle receives house calls no matter the distance.

When the need arises, she even takes a helicopter. Dr. Oakley has worked with animals such as moose, bears, cats, dogs, boars, etc. You name them. Also, her work can be dangerous at times; she doesn’t mind taking risks as long as she does what she does best, saving animals. If you are a Veterinarian or planning to be one someday or if you just happen to have a love for animals, then you should consider watching Dr. Yukon Vet.

Dr. Michelle Oakley’s Net Worth.

She has obtained her wealth mostly through her career as a Veterinarian and her show as well. Dr. Yukon Vet made Michelle gain more popularity. In every episode of the show, Michelle would earn $15,000. So far, she has already made thousands of dollars. For Michelle, it’s not only about money because she enjoys doing her work.

Image of Veterinarian, Dr. Michelle Oakley net worth
Caption: Veterinarian, Dr. Michelle Oakley net worth

Dr. Michelle Oakley has an estimated net worth of $700,000.

Michelle Oakley Vet is Married to Shane Oakley.

Who knew Michelle would find the love of her life in Canada. During her wildlife study in Yukon, Dr. Michelle met her husband, Shane Oakley. Back then, Shane was a firefighter. They fell in love and tied the knot in the year 1992.

After their marriage, Michelle relocated to Yukon, where she continued with her studies. In 2001, she finally received her doctorate. Michelle and Shane are blessed with three beautiful daughters: Maya, Willow, and Sierra.

Image of Michelle Oakley with her husband Shane Oakley
Caption: Michelle Oakley with her husband Shane Oakley

Willow is the youngest and is currently 16 years old. Maya is the second-born daughter and is currently pursuing her career in Criminology. Finally, Sierra is the eldest daughter. She happens to be a year older than her sister Maya.

Sierra graduated from St. Francis Xavier University with a degree in Pre-Med. Soon enough, Sierra will be a professional Veterinarian, and she will end up following her mother’s footsteps.

Wiki Bio and Facts.

Full name Michelle Oakley
Age 50 years old
Date of Birth 16th September 1969
Place of Birth Munster, Indiana, United States
Profession Veterinarian, TV Actor
Net worth $700k
Husband Shane Oakley
Kids 3
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Parents Steve Plantinga, Georgia Plantinga

Michelle Oakley was born on 16th September 1969 in Munster, Indiana, to Steve and Georgia Plantinga. She has not mentioned much about her family life. Does she have siblings? Let us take a look at her social media accounts. Most of her posts are of animals and her family.

  • Instagram- @yukonvet with 42.4k followers.
  • Twitter- @YukonVet with 19.1k followers.