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Frankie Valli Daughters Francine Valli and Celia Valli’s Death Cause

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Frankie Valli is a member of the 60s music band, the Four Seasons. He rose to fame thanks to his strong vocals, releasing albums such as Solo and Closeup. Frankie’s musical prowess earned him the nickname, ‘the falsetto king.’ As of 2021, Valli and Bob Gaudio are the only two surviving members of the band.

When examining his private life, we learn that Frankie had had three different wives. Unsurprisingly, he has had six different children in the process. We are here to look at how two of Frankie Valli’s daughters died.

What happened to Celia SabinValli?

In the mid-50s, Frankie met and married his first wife, Mary Mandel. At the time, she had a 2-year-old daughter, Celia Sabin, from her previous marriage. After her mother re-married, Celia took her stepfather’s last name.

Because of her father’s popularity, Celia often found herself in the public eye. She did, however, manage to deal with it effectively, gradually engineering life of her own.

Frankie Valli with his late daughter, Celia Sabin Valli
Frankie Valli with his late daughter, Celia Sabin Valli

Celia Valli passed away on a cold afternoon back in February 1980. She had left her keys inside her New York apartment. Lacking options, she decided to try and gain access to her building through the fire escape. She would lose her footing halfway up, falling to the hard snowy surface. By the time the paramedics arrived, she was already dead.

What happened to Francine Valli? 

Bore Frankie and Mary Mandel split up in the early 70s; they had two other daughters, one of whom was Francine. She and her half-sister Celia grew close over the years. As such, the news of her sister’s death deeply impacted her.

One pitfall of the life of fame which Francine had grown accustomed to was that she was exposed to a world of drugs. Money wasn’t an issue for the family because of Frankie’s successful music career. A few months after Celia’s death, her family was hit with more bad news. Francine, who was only 20 years old, had died after an accidental overdose. She had taken a deadly dose of alcohol and quaaludes. These were drugs that were common back in the 80s.

Frankie Valli and his late daughter Fracine Valli
Frankie Valli and his late daughter Francine Valli

They were outlawed by the DEA, which means that people had to acquire them through illegal means. Mixing this drug and alcohol often leads to an accidental overdose.

Frankie Valli Daughter Death Case