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Good Bones Cast Karen Laine Children, Husband: 11 Facts

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Karen Laine aka Karen E Laine is a 57 years old American realtor and reality TV star. She is famous for appearing in HGTV’s show ‘Good Bones’ Karen co-hosts the show alongside her daughter Mina Hawk.

The main task of the pair is to replenish the old houses in Indianapolis. However, Karen retired from the show, leaving her daughter to run the business they started together. In this article, we are going to eleven facts about Karen, including why she left the show, her marriage, and her net worth.

Good Bones Cast Karen Laine Wikipedia.

Karen Laine was a defense attorney who switched careers to be a businesswoman and TV star. In 2007, her daughter sought her legal advice on a house she had bought.

The house was abandoned and had no value, so the only way the two would convince their client who wanted to buy it was to renovate the home.

At that time, Karen was still working as an attorney while her daughter served in a restaurant. After renovating and reselling, they made a lot of money, and that opened their eyes.

The two quit their jobs and started their renovation firm: Two Chicks and a Hammer. Leaving their jobs gave them more time to work on many houses in Indianapolis than before when they used to work for 2 -3 hours, and when they were free from duty.

Mina had already graduated from the university by the time they started the firm. They worked on several over a long period, keeping the records of their work on their Facebook page. In 2014, their posts caught the attention of HGTV producers, and they were invited to film.

They sighed a contract to host a house rebuilding show on the TV. And on 22nd March 2016, the ‘Good Bones’ show hit the screen.

The first season received a warm welcome with more than a million views. The show is currently in its 5th season with 38 episodes. The show also received a good rating on IMDb 7.3/10

Who are Karen Laine Children?

Having been in four different marriages, Karen E Laine also has four children. Her firstborn was named Cheryl, and she got her from her first marriage. She then bore three more children from her second marriage, among the three is Mina Hawk, her daughter, business partner, and co-host on the show.

Image of Karen Laine daughter Mina Hawk
Caption: Karen Laine daughter Mina Hawk

Karen Lain Weight Loss.

Karen significantly lost her body weight after using tablets that were approved in the Shark Tank show. The pill had worked for so many people and had good reviews.

The tablet works fast, in matter of three-four weeks, most of the users had lost much weight. It also worked for Karen, she confessed to losing 55 pounds. This made her look younger and more flexible.

Good Bones Karen E Laine Husband and Marriage.

Karen E Laine has met her share of misfortune most powerful women meet in modern society in marriage. She has been married four times.

The details of her marriage, like when the wedding was done and how long they stayed in the union, are unknown.

However, the good news is, the names of the four men are available. She was first married to Randy, and together they had one daughter. She then got married to Casey Starsiak.

This is probably the longest marriage Good Bones cast Karen Laine had because they had three children together; among them was Mina. She divorced Casey and married Mick, with whom they also parted ways after some time.

Currently, she is staying with her longtime boyfriend named Roger. They were first spotted together on 7th September 2017 when she uploaded a selfie they took. The pair were also seen in the two are gracefully growing old together, loving each other.

Image of Karen Laine with her long time boyfriend Roger
Caption: Karen Laine with her long time boyfriend Roger


An attorney with a tattoo may be considered inappropriate. However, the case was different for Karen. Even after quitting being on the bar daily, she still reserved a few clients that she would represent. It was a great surprise when people realized that she had a massive tattoo on her body.

Karen Laine’s tattoo runs from the nape of her neck, covers all her back, and extends down to the end of her thighs.

The tattoo was first revealed when her daughter tried to pull her out from an underground pit was she lowered the upper part of her body to pick the key she had dropped. Such a huge tattoo is not easy to be seen in full, but from the glimpse caught, it’s believed to be a koi fish. It’s well-linked and looks very attractive.

Age and DOB.

Karen Liane was born Karen E Laine Thompson on 8th October 1962 in Richmond, Indiana, USA. Details of her parents and siblings are unknown.

She is of white ethnicity. She is currently 57 years old, looking forward to the 58th of October 2020. Her zodiac sign is Libra.

Net Worth.

She has gathered this wealth from her cast on the TV show, where she earned an annual salary of 200K. She owns her own houses, even though they say that they don’t renovate with the sole purpose to sell and make money.

Their firm, Two Chicks & a Hammer, also sells products, costumed with their logo, including shirts, hoods, and water bottles. The business to do real estate business and some of their apartments are issued through Airbnb.

Image of Reality TV star, Karen Laine net worth
Caption: Reality TV star, Karen Laine net worth

Attributing to different income sources Karen Laine’s net worth is estimated to be between $1.5 Million (Updated).

The reason why she left Good Bones.

Karen left the show to be close to her family. She was getting mature in terms of age. Therefore she cleared her schedule to enjoy the little time she had left to the fullest.

She wanted to be closer to her husband and being a social person, and she wanted to experience more the company of her family and friends.

Use of YouTube and Facebook.

Some of the renovation work required specialized skills, and there was no time to get back to class for the two. They learned other skills by watching YouTube DIY videos.

In the process of implementing the skills to learn, they took shots and posted them on Facebook. This landed them on TV, and the rest is history.

Are we being duped?

When approached by producers from HGTV, Karen E Laine and daughter Mina Starsiak thought they had encountered a scammer. They never took it seriously, but later realized it was real.

Mother-Daughter Differ in opinion.

Even though the two are working together, when approached for opinion, their take tends to differ. For instance, when recommending a housing choice, Karen prefers a limited floor space while her daughter loves a spacious room.

Social Media.

Karen runs an elaborate verified Instagram account with 74K followers. It’s a well-updated profile with her works and good memories. She also has a Facebook Fan page with 10K likes.

Wikipedia and other facts.

Full name Karen E Laine Thompson
Age 57 years old.
Date of Birth 8th October 1962
Place of Birth Richmond, Indiana, USA
Profession realtor and reality TV star
Net worth $ 600K – 1 Million
Husband Roger
Kids Mina, Cheryl, and two more
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Libra
Parents N/A