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Marty Raney Wikipedia: Net Worth, Age, Wife Mollee Roestel.

Marty Raney is an experienced homesteader who also happens to be the star of the hit reality show, Homestead Rescue on Discovery Channel. The show aims to educate aspiring homesteaders on surviving life in a very isolated and uncivilized environment.

Likewise, Homestead Rescue documents the adventures of Marty Raney as he travels from one homestead to another. Read this to know how much Marty Raney earns per episode from the show, his net worth, and meet his wife Mollee Roestel.

Marty Raney Wikipedia Bio

Marty has always been a child of nature. Similarly, he preferred to spend a lot of time outdoors and learn from Mother Nature. This is mainly the reason why he did not complete his high school education.

In 1974, 18-year-old Marty relocated to Alaska. He first lived in a floating camp at the Prince of Wales Island. This was his first experience at living off the grid, and he has loved it ever since. After several years in Alaska, he moved further inland in an ever more isolated region. His new home boasted of more Alaskan Bear residents than humans.

In 1979, Marty and his family relocated to the Wasilla region, and there he developed his love for mountain expeditions. He first climbed the Denali Mountain in 1986. Eventually, he entered the mountain expedition guide business in 1998. In addition, he also put up a business of constructing homesteads under his company, Alaska Stone and Log. Marty constructs homesteads using logs, stones, and other natural materials.

In 2016, Discovery Channel tapped Marty Raney to star in their latest reality show entitled Homestead Rescue. His entire family joins Marty on the show. The Raney family travels to various homesteads to educate about the homestead lifestyle. Homestead Rescue is now on this 7th season, this 2022. Marty Raney’s Wikipedia page doesn’t exist yet.

How Old is Marty Raney? Family and Early Life

The birthdate of Marty Raney is July 28, 1956, and that makes him 66 years old. He is of American ethnicity. Marty is a native of North Bend, Washington. At 16 years old, he decided to leave school, move to Alaska and become a logger. There is no information about the identity of his parents and siblings.

Marty Raney Net Worth and House.

The net worth of Marty Raney is $1 million. According to reports, Marty Raney earns $5,000 per episode of Homestead Rescue and in total about $80,000 per season.

He is currently building his dream cabin that he wishes to be the home of the future Raney generations to come. Marty is building the cabin at the edge of a cliff on his property.

Marty Raney is Married to Mollee Roestel. Meet His Kids

Marty Raney is married to Mollee Roestel for 47 years. The couple married in 1974, shortly after Marty first moved to Alaska. Marty and Mollee have four kids named Melanee, Miles, Misty, and Matt.

The Raney kids were all raised off the grid, which means they grew up without the luxury of electricity, plumbing, or heat. Misty and Matty often appear on the show Homestead Rescue. Matt is the expert on hunting, while Misty is the carpentry expert.

Marty Raney with his wife Mollee Roestel and kids
Actor Marty Raney with his wife Mollee Roestel and their four kids.

Where Does Raney Live? Height And Weight

At present, Raney and his family reside in a 40-acre property in Haines Borough, located in the Northern region of Alaska. As for his body measurements, the reality star stands at 5 feet and 11 inches and weighs 80 kilos.

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