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Mountain Men Eustace Conway Net Worth, Wife, Death

You may think you love nature, but not until you meet mountain men Eustace Conway. His love for nature makes him unique and outstanding among other naturalists the world has ever known. The man is in deep love with nature, and not even the necessities of urban life can scare him from it. Today, we shall be looking at Mountain Men Eustace Conway’s net worth, wife, and death. Keep reading to know more.

Who is Eustace Conway?

Mountain men Eustace Conway is an American naturalist who loves the freedom of individuality. His undying love for nature led him to live a life of nature out of the cities and streets. Eustace Conway has been featured in the book – The Last American Man by Elizabeth Gilbert. Eustace Conway has defied all odds and given a voice to the earth and the environment.

To know Eustace Conway better, check out his life on TV. He is part of the cast in the American TV reality series Mountain Men. Eustace lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina. He owns a 1000-acre parcel of land that he calls it the Turtle Island Preserve.

His life informs his career in the TV show in his wilderness palace. He hosts hundreds of people whom he teaches the necessary skills of surviving in a wilderness environment. The TV series airs on the History channel show. The series highlights his daily life in the woods, fighting against a lien placed on his land and preparing food for the Winter.

Eustache Conway’s net worth is $2million, with an annual salary of $130,000. He is a renowned naturalist and educator. He has numerous projects that sum up the figure like the Mountain Men Television show, and Turtle Island Preserve Education Centre.

Image of TV star, Eustace Conway net worth
Caption: TV star, Eustace Conway net worth

Eustace Conway Death:

Eustace Conway’s death is a rumor. Mountain Men Eustace is naturally gifted and knows a lot about the woods where he spends most of his time. At one point, he was involved in a domestic accident involving a power saw that hit a knot and turned straight to his face.

Eustace deflected it with his hand injuring his two fingers in the process. The cut fingers started to bleed profusely, but Eustace went on as if nothing had happened. He only stitched his fingers after dinner and treated himself with plant medicine.

Image of TV personality, Eustace Conway still alive
Caption: TV personality, Eustace Conway still alive

Is Eustace Conway Married? children

Eustace Conway appears to have loved nature more than anything and anybody else. He is not married to his wife; neither has he made any marriage vows to anyone.

Similarly, he is not in a relationship with any girlfriend. At some point, he had a girlfriend by the name Donna, but they later parted ways, and Donna got married. Eustace has no children, and he did not sire any from his previous relationships. It’s clear she does not need a girlfriend after role; he bathes in icy streams.

How old is he?

Eustace Conway is 59 years old, having been born on September 15, 1961, in Columbia, South Carolina. His birth name is Eustace Robinson Conway IV. He has three siblings, namely Waltson, Judson, and Martha.


Eustace was born to parents Karen Conway and Eustace Robinson Conway III. Eustace left his home at the age of 17 and started living in a tipi in the woods. Before then, at age 12, he went camping alone in a mountain for a week. With all the time and energy, Eustace decided to hike the entire Appalachian Trail, a 2000-mile journey.

Eustace also boasts of crossing the United States on horseback, having traveled from Atlantic to the Pacific. At 18, Eustache went on a 1000-mile voyage across the Mississippi River with a canoe. And don’t you forget that he backpacked for over 5000 miles in amazing wilderness trails.

Eustache trails covered lush vegetation and jungles of North America, Central America, New Zealand, Europe, and Australia. Because of his journeys, Eustache has interacted with many Indian tribes taking part in their cultures. Eustache once served as a federal interpreter at a National Park in New Mexico. He has also served as a state naturalist at Crowders Mountain Perkin, North Carolina.

Such adventurous was Eustache journeys that the American life, a weekly radio show narrated about his cross-country journeys. The episode dubbed, ” Adventures in the Simple Life, “was aired on September 11, 1998.

Later on, Eustace bought a parcel of land in North Carolina in 1987. He expanded the woodland into 1000-acre wildlife and named it Turtle Island Preserve. He has lived in the woods for over 35 years, and everything he uses is natural from plant medicines to buckskins.

His home is an amazing farmstead build with his hands from scratch.  For instance, he has 9 buildings crafted from logs. He has trained all his farm animals to work for him: The mules, bulls, and horses all pull logs.


Eustace Conway has appeared in two documentary films. The first was in 2003, where he featured in Full Circle: A Life Story of Eustace Conway with Jack Bibbo being its director. In 2012, Eustache featured in yet another documentary film by Edward Tyndall titled Reconvergence.

In the same year, he premiered in Mountain Men, a History channel show. Eustache owns a degree in English and Anthropology from Appalachian State University. Dr. Harvard Ayers, an anthropology professor, once summed him up as “Most Outstanding Anthropology Senior.”

Beginning November 2012, Eustace was embroiled in a tussle with North Carolina Building Code Council. The council canceled public access to Turtle island because traditional buildings didn’t abide by the building codes.

After putting on a fight, Eustache succeeded in getting the Council to approve his buildings as primitive and not falling under the class of buildings that require a building code council. The matter had caught the attention of the North Carolina General Assembly, who classified his structures as first.

Eustache did not find rest as he got into a tussle with a neighbor over the property boundary, which escalated into a legal battle.

Social Media Accounts and Activities.

Eustache Conway is an active man on social media. His Facebook account commands a following of 55,000 people. His Twitter account has 1272 followers, while his Instagram account has 1,521 followers.

Preston’s death hit him hard.

Mountain Men television lost one of their men on July 24th, 2017. The television series cast member was Eustache Conway’s best friend and fellow cast member, Preston Robert. Preston died after developing complications resulting from an inoperable liver.

Eustace took to Facebook to mourn his friend and rally support toward the footing of his friend’s medical bills and funeral expenses. It was indeed a tough time for the naturalist.

Image of Mountain Men Eustace Conway Net Worth, Wife, Death