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Pastor Greg Locke Wikipedia: His Net Worth, Wife, and Bio Facts

Pastor Greg Locke is an American Evangelical pastor, revivalist, author, speaker, and entrepreneur. He founded and currently heads Nashville’s Global Vision Bible Church as its head pastor.

Who is Pastor Greg Locke? Wikipedia, Bio

Greg Locke was born and raised in the Donelson neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee. He received his bachelor’s degree in bible studies from Ambassador Baptist College in Lattimore, North Carolina. Later, he got his master’s degree in revival history from the Theological School of New England in Rhode Island, Connecticut.

After receiving his formal education, Locke became an independent evangelical preacher in the mid-’90s and spent the next ten years preaching all over the country.

Pastor Greg launched the Global Vision Bible Church in November 2006. The church is based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Since that time, Pastor Greg has presided over the church as its head pastor.

Catapulting off his success, Greg created LockeMedia, a conservative news media organization, in April 2020. He founded the media outlet to push back against the mainstream media censorship of conservative voices and opinions.

American Evangelical pastor, Pastor Greg Locke
American Evangelical pastor, revivalist, author, speaker, and entrepreneur, Pastor Greg Locke

Pastor Greg Locke has since branched out into entrepreneurship. He has a signature line of women’s and men’s casual wear. Moreover, he also has a signature line of juice shakers that he puts up for sale on his website.

Furthermore, Greg has published two books to date. His first book, 2020’s “This Means War: We Will Not Surrender Through Silence,” became an Amazon bestseller. Subsequently, he released his second book, “Weapons of Our Warfare: Unleashing the Power of the Armor of God,” a year later. The book has been receiving rave reviews from fans.

Pastor Greg Locke Married? His Divorce from First Wife

Pastor Greg Locke is currently married to his second wife, Taisha Cowan McGee, who doubles as his assistant. They jointly oversee the management of Global Vision Bible Church.

When Pastor Greg divorced his first wife, Melissa, it stirred up a whirlwind of controversy. Not only is the practice of divorce outlawed under the Bible, but the manner in which Pastor Greg conducted himself brought into question his integrity.

Pastor Greg Locke with wife Taisha Cowan McGee
American Evangelical pastor, Pastor Greg Locke with wife Taisha Cowan McGee

Locke reportedly cheated on his first wife with Taisha, causing them to divorce. Christianity frowns upon divorce but condemns the practice of adultery. His followers rightly called out Greg for cheating on his wife of 21 years and the mother of their four children.

Greg posted a video on his Facebook page in early 2018 explaining that he was divorced, but he had never cheated on his wife. In the tearful video, Pastor Locke spoke of the “longest six months of my life” after his wife left him.

He also clapped back against allegations that he was an adulterer, saying he led a “clean” life and never had any moral misgiving in his 25 years as a preacher.

But while he adamantly denied any relationship with his assistant Tai, they would later marry, rendering his entire defense moot.

Net Worth and Income Sources

According to several sources, Pastor Greg Locke’s net worth is an estimated $129 million. His wealth comes from a variety of sources.

Pastor Locke is the head pastor of Global Vision Bible Church, operating out of Nashville, Tennessee. The church holds sermons and religious services for thousands of Tennesseans.

Besides being a pastor, Pastor Locke also travels the world and holds speaking arrangements in college campuses, religious workshops, and seminars.

Additionally, he has a line of women’s and men’s apparel and drinks shakers, which cost anywhere from $17.76 to $29.99.

Furthermore, Pastor Greg has published two bestselling books, undoubtedly with tens of thousands of copies sold worldwide.

Pastor Greg Locke: Age, Height, Children, and Family

Pastor Greg was born on May 18, 1976, which makes him 45 years old presently. According to some sources, he stands at 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters). Greg was the younger of two sons born to Judy and Steve Locke. His older brother is named Brian.

Pastor Greg was married for over 20 years to his wife, Melissa. They had four children together: sons Malachi, Hudson, and Evan Locke, and daughter Destiny Locke.

After divorcing Melissa in 2017, Pastor Greg married his church assistant, Taisha “Tai” Cowan McGee. After marrying Tai, he adopted two more children.

The family resides in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, to remain close to his Global Vision Bible Church.

Social Media Activity

Pastor Greg Locke is most famous on Facebook, boasting a whopping 2.2 million followers. Additionally, he has nearly 195k followers on his official Instagram page and 102.7k followers on Twitter.

Like most of his life, his social media has been used to promote the word of God. Furthermore, he also posts his views on political and social issues.

He is a conservative and has been outspoken about the mainstream media censoring conservative viewpoints. Pastor Greg often blasts Democrats and liberal media, calling them “Godless democrats.”

Controversy and Criticisms

Pastor Greg Locke is no stranger to controversy. He has landed in hot waters several times, both for his professional and personal life. Besides his cheating and subsequent divorce scandal of 2017, Pastor Locke has received criticism for his political and social views.

As a devout Christian, Pastor Greg is opposed to homosexuality and transgenderism. He came into infamy for criticizing Target for promoting their gender-neutral bathrooms in 2016.

Furthermore, he also backed Colorado’s Masterpiece Cakeshop, the bakery that refused to provide its services for a gay wedding. In doing so, people believed that Pastor Greg demonstrated his homophobia.

He recently called the COVID-19 pandemic a “hoax pandemic” and went on an anti-vaccination rant. He was rightly raked over the coals by the scientific community and members of his congregation. Greg was also caught threatening bodily harm to a Dunkin’ Donuts employee over their mask policy.

Furthermore, Pastor Greg also implemented a no-mask policy for people frequenting his congregation. Consequently, his audience became divided over his radical views.

Despite that, the incident brought Pastor Greg Locke to the forefront of American news media. As a result, his congregation grew in attendees, and he had to move to a larger venue to accommodate his growing audience.

American Evangelical pastor, Pastor Greg Locke