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Pastor Jack Hibbs Wikipedia, Net Worth, Family, and Wife

Jack Hibbs is an influential Religious leader who founded the Cavalry Chapel Chino Hills in Southern California. He started the fellowship at home before he turned thirty.

Initially, there were only six people in the fellowship. Today, the church attracts thousands of in-house believers and millions through media outreach. This article provides details on Jack Hibbs, his wife, net worth, and wiki-bio.

Who is Jack Hibbs?

Jack Hibbs is the senior pastor at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. He is popular amongst followers for his passionate teachings relating to Christian scriptures.

During sermons, Hibbs reads and explains the Bible verse by verse to his followers. Initially, he had a humble beginning. He started the fellowship along with his wife and five other people.

At the time, the ministry was limited to very few people. Today, they have some of the most influential Christian figures in the world. The church even broadcasts its message across several countries and media platforms and are viewed by millions of followers worldwide.

As of now, Jack doesn’t have a Wikipedia profile. However, he has a strong following base in YouTube and Instagram. He also had a Twitter account but deleted it for unknown reasons.

His Bible recitation style is captivating and different from many other pastors. Moreover, Jack is currently associated with four companies Tri shield, Kalo Inc., Cavalry Chapel, and Cavalry Chapel foundation.

Jack Hibbs wife, Children, and Family.

Jack is married to Lisa Hibbs, and they have been together for about four decades now. The couple founded the Cavalry Chapel together. Lisa has played a significant role in growing the Church and ministry.

Furthermore, in their journey, the couple also wrote a book, ‘Turn around at home.’ The main target audience are Christian believers, as the book talks about spiritual legacy and faith.

Jack and Lisa have two adult daughters and two grandchildren, who they are very close to. They share an adorable bond and are seen attending many events and functions together.

Currently, Jack lives with his wife, daughters, and grandchildren in Southern California.

Pastor Jack hibbs with his wife, Lisa Hibbs
An influential Christian Pastor, Jack Hibbs, and his wife, Lisa Hibbs

How old is Jack Hibbs? His Birthday and Early Life

Jack Hibbs was born in the year 1958 on January 15. As of 2021, he is 63 years old. He had a troubled childhood as he stuttered while speaking. As a result, Jack had very few friends.

Jack’s parents had two sons before they gave birth to him. Thus, at one point, they weren’t sure about having a third kid. Consequently, his mother tried to abort the baby, but it somehow failed.

When Jack was 19 years of age, he attended the local church. There, the faith and power of the lord moved him and changed his life forever.

Net Worth and Income Sources

As of 2021, Jack Hibb’s net worth is about $5 million. He leads multiple companies in addition to his church and the massive ministry. Furthermore, Jack is also an author of the book ‘Turn around at home,’ which he co-wrote with his wife.

Moreover, Jack has 320k subscribers in YouTube with millions of viewers each month and 90k followers in Instagram in 2021. This also adds to his wealth and income.

Hibbs as COVID Denying Pastor

Criticisms have spiraled up against pastor Jack Hibbs for denying the seriousness of the COVID pandemic. Jack thinks that sin is a more significant threat to humanity than a virus we have a 99.96% chance of recovering from.

In May 2020, he had enough of the two months lockdown and started speaking against it. Furthermore, he even hosted in-person baptism for about a thousand people. It’s evident that the Hibbs was downplaying the seriousness of the COVID pandemic.

In a sermon, Jack told a little story to his followers. He talked about attending a wedding in the midst of the pandemic without a mask! A lady with a mask intervened and asked him about his safety precautions.

He replied that we must wear Christ as our savior instead of a mask. Jack further told the lady that sin is 100% more lethal and dangerous than a mere virus.

Currently, as the death tolls have risen above 300k in the US alone, an influential figure such as Hibbs making irresponsible comments has garnered much attention.

Image of an influential Christian Pastor, Jack Hibbs