India Love Age, Tattoos, Net Worth, Boyfriend. 

Photo of American actress, India Love.

The name India Love sounds suspiciously straight out of a Bollywood movie. However, it belongs to an American actress, gorgeous model, and famous internet personality currently taking the world by storm. In recent years, she has linked up with several A-lister rappers that have helped sky-rocket her stardom. To give you a better perspective of … Read more

Sommer Ray Wikipedia: Her Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, parents, and Facts

Images of an American fitness instructor, Sommer Ray

Sommer Ray is an American fitness instructor, social media personality, and entrepreneur. She made her name as a fitness expert on Vine and currently has millions of followers across several prominent social media platforms. These include Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. Who is Sommer Ray? Wikipedia, Bio Sommer Ray got into bodybuilding as a … Read more

Barbara Roufs Death: Wikipedia: What happened?

Image of Barbara Roufs Death: Wikipedia: What happened

Barbara Roufs was an American drag race trophy girl who died in January 1991. She is remembered as a knockout girl who brought excitement to the race. Let us look a little bit about her life and her cause of death. Life before Death. Barbara Roufs joined the drag race scene as trophy girl in … Read more

Alissa Salls (Oliver Sykes’ Wife) Biography.

Photo of social media star, Alissa Salls.

Alissa Salls is a gorgeous Brazilian Instagram fashion model born on November 3, 1997, who is making a name for herself in the fashion industry by showing her modeling skills, her way of illustration. She is famous for being Oliver Sykes’ wife. Salls was 17 when she first entered the world of the fashion industry. … Read more

Ian Paget Wikipedia Biography and Facts.

Photo of Ian Paget.

Ian Paget is a well-known social media influencer. Being popular in TikTok is everything in today’s time. He is one of the fastest-growing people in TikTok. He impresses his fans by uploading his videos on TikTok, and without any doubt, fans like it, and we know that how? Well, he crosses over one million views … Read more