Has Expedition Unknown Ever Found Anything?

Josh Gates, an explorer of Expedition Unknown

Expedition Unknown is a reality series that relays the exploits of Josh Gates, an explorer, and archaeologist. He sets out to find answers to some of the most fascinating mysteries the world has ever known. On one occasion, Gates even embarked on a pilgrimage to Fiji in search of Amelia Earhart’s missing airplane. Other than … Read more

What are Fast N’ Loud Cast Doing Now?

Fast N Loud series members

Fast N’ Loud is a series that was developed by the Discovery Channel. It is based on car enthusiasts who are quite skilled when it comes to the restoration and customization of vintage automobiles. These include cars like a 68 Chevelle, an 81 Jeep CJ7, and even a 37 Buick Racer. Some of the main … Read more

American pickers star dies: Who Did We Lose?

American Pickers casts

American Pickers is a reality TV show which focuses on Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe traveling across America searching for rare artifacts. The duo has done a business to collect valuable treasures, which they sell to enthusiasts for a high price. While they search for everything old and worthy, the duo prioritizes classic toys and … Read more